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Mhairi Larocque

5-Stars - Kayla Cunard helped us to buy our fist property in Palm Desert. At the beginning we didn’t really know what we were looking for… Kayla helped us immensely to understand and get to know the different areas and communities. We could not have done without her! Her patience, commitment, and professionalism were so helpful for us, given that we were purchasing from outside the country. During the process, it also became clear to us that Kayla is well respected by her peers and other industry professionals. I would not hesitate to recommend Kayla to anyone looking for a home in the Coachella valley. You would be in very safe and professional hands!

Kim Edwards

5-Stars - My husband and I had a great experience with Kayla Cunard and the Sheri Dettman team! She is very knowledgeable, sweet and professional. She had a lot of patience with us as our home search spanned a few years. She showed us several homes and when we finally found the right one she guided us through the process smoothly. No problems at all! I would definitely recommend Kayla and Sheri Dettman to anyone in the market for a home in the desert. Thanks Kayla!

Terri Barton, CA

5 -Stars - We were assisted by Lauren Seuss in the recent purchase of a home in La Quinta. She was exceptional: Communicative, responsive, thorough, helpful, warm and friendly. Also, great knowledge of the area and willingness to go above and beyond to introduce us to the community. Thank you, Lauren!

Bruce Vogel, CA


5-Stars "The bottom line is that within 41 days, with the help and direction of Sheri Dettman and Lisa Blodgett, I sold my house of 20 years, bought a smaller place nearby, got top dollar for the house, a good deal on the smaller place AND had a good time doing it (as opposed to excruciating experiences I’ve had doing this stuff in the past. I interviewed four agents and easily chose Sheri for her friendly, prompt, and professional demeanor as well as her very experienced abilities. I met Lisa through Sheri who turned out to have the same qualities (they call themselves teammates). What I really liked about them both, and perhaps more important, was their calming, sympathetic responsiveness to my enduring nervousness throughout the whole deal. I’m an edgy guy, especially in the face of such a life changing affair. They made it all happen in a fun, step by step and very re-assuring manner, and I was only homeless for five days. No one will ever know if they were THAT good or I just got lucky, but in talking to escrow agents and others they work closely with, it’s evident that they are either really good or lucky on a regular basis. I heartily recommend either one or both of them if you can pull it off. Sincerely, Bruce Vogel "

Olga Hernandez, CA


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Team Dettman is amazing. We worked exclusively with Lisa, who was thoughtful, thorough, pleasant, fun and knowledgable. She took us everywhere until we found the look and feel we wanted and then she helped us find our ideal spot. It was an intense process over a few weeks and Lisa was always helping and being the guide we needed to finder new home. Her knowledge of the area was vast and current."

Thomas Denison


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Team Dettman is amazing. We worked exclusively with Lisa, who was thoughtful, thorough, pleasant, fun and knowledgable. She took us everywhere until we found the look and feel we wanted and then she helped us find our ideal spot. It was an intense process over a few weeks and Lisa was always helping and being the guide we needed to finder new home. Her knowledge of the area was vast and current."

Bill & Melissa Cook


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We had the pleasure of working with Kayla, a local real estate expert, and our experience was exceptional. Kayla's extensive knowledge of the area shone through as she guided us effortlessly through our homebuying process.
Professional, kind, and incredibly patient, Kayla made the entire journey enjoyable. The process was smooth, and her excellent communication skills kept us informed at every step.

Kayla's dedication and responsiveness set her apart. We felt supported and confident throughout, and thanks to her, we're now happily settled into our perfect home. For a top-notch real estate professional, we highly recommend Kayla!

Zachery Whittet


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Lauren Seuss during our journey as first time homebuyers. We could not be happier with the outcome, largely due to the great help from Lauren. As first time homebuyers, the entire process of searching for and purchasing a home was an extremely stressful and overwhelming thought for us. Lauren immediately eased that stress and turned it into hope and excitement. She made herself available via text, call, email and in-person at all times, even during unforeseen events in which she was given short notice. Lauren worked around the clock to accommodate to both of our schedules and always did so with a smile and positive energy. She made the home buying process fun and exciting. Lauren was patient, kind and personable throughout the entire process, answering our never-ending questions while affirming any and all of our ideas, concerns and eagerness to learn. Lauren advocated for us from the day we met her until the day we got our keys (and still to this day). We have, and will continue to, refer all of our local friends and family to Lauren and the team. We will continue to use Lauren in any future home endeavors. We are forever grateful for her help and we are so happy with our new La Quinta home!

Gregg Masuak


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The word "Home" conjures up different things to different people, but for me, it became, over time, super-charged with a sense of longing but resignment, having been a multiple homeowner at one stage and walking away from it all to experience what inevitably became a determinedly nomadic existence.

"Home" eventually became a distant thing that belonged to other people, something other folk enjoyed, an experience I once had but was maybe never going to happen again, like a trip to that diving island in Fiji I'd never go to again, even though I loved it, or that place in London I should have kept, but didn't, and at times searching for where "Home" might be. I would throw darts against a map pinned on the wall, wondering if they'd stick onto someplace I never thought about and like magic "Home" would happen again. But it didn't.

My besties who have a place in Palm Desert (a place I felt calm and very creative in) wanted me to stick the dart there and, never really wholly engaging in the idea, eventually I agreed to meet their friend Betsy Justice and, after much discussion, we went on a journey together. A road trip really. I rode shotgun with her as she took me on adventures of the idea of "Home" and what it might look like in the many ways that others see as "Home" and many times I just knew there wasn't enough gas in the world to get me there and just let her drive that car alongside a stubborn critter that just didn't believe you could actually get anywhere anymore.

And then at times I realized it was she who was sitting shotgun beside me and taking in the mysterious WTF of what even I didn't know what it was I was looking for. And eventually it shapeshifted into understanding.

And here's the thing:

The world is populated with people who call themselves "Real Estate Agents" and that's just fine. It's also populated, though in a lesser degree, with people who ride shotgun with your dreams, even though you don't even think your dream lives out there in the world anymore, and that simple strong powerful energy of someone just wanting you to find the thing you want, or don't even know you want, but riding shotgun with you in an adventure to find the place - The Place - that make your heart sing, that makes you feel safe, that makes you feel the world is actually alright - is rare and extremely special.

I'm a Home Owner now. Not a Property Owner. Not a House Owner. I got "Home". I have keys in my hand. They're mine.

Thank you Betsy Justice, for riding shotgun with me or me riding with you, who gives a crap.

We got me there. We got me Home.

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